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German Research Foundation fosters new doctoral program at the Department of Economics

The German Research Foundation has granted funding for the international doctoral program "Microeconomic Determinants of Labor Productivity", starting October 2013. The program analyses the determinants of labour productivity on the microeconomic level considering individual decision making as well as the role of incentive systems, innovation and labor organisation. In particular, it focusses on heterogeneity of labor productivity in order to derive implications for workers, firms and policy makers.

The program provides funds for up to five doctoral students per year to pursue these questions within the structured framework of the Munich Graduate School of Economics (MGSE). Prof. Carsten Eckel serves as speaker of the new graduate program.

Press release of the German Research Foundation as of 21.05.13

Elite network Bavaria fosters international doctoral program lead-managed by Prof. Winter

The elite network Bavaria fosters three international doctoral programs (IDK) at the LMU. One of these is the program „Evidence-Based Economics“ that is lead-managed by Professor Joachim Winter. In addition, four other professors of the economic faculty (Davide Cantoni, Martin Kocher, Uwe Sunde, Klaus Schmidt)  as well as three colleagues from other Bavarian universities (Florian Englmaier, Würzburg; Veronika Grimm, Nürnberg; Andreas Roider, Regensburg) engage in the program.

Within the international doctoral program „Evidence-Based Economics“ doctoral students learn to apply evidence-based methods of modern Economics, which allow to quantify and predict the effect of interventions on economic decisions of individuals and firms.

LMU-Press release as of 14.12.12