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Dean’s Letter, February 2022


Dear students, staff and faculty,

Once again, a turbulent semester draws to a close. With each letter that I write, I get a sense of déjà vu. We have been here before, and it starts to seem as if there are neither beginnings nor endings to this pandemic. But there will be an ending to this. There has to be!

Fortunately, our circumspect planning of this semester, which might have seemed overly cautious and pessimistic in October, allowed us to ensure sound online teaching solutions in a matter of days as the tides of the pandemic started rising just before Christmas. Thankfully, this planning now also enables us to conduct the upcoming exams smoothly and reliably. For better or worse, you have some routine in writing and successfully passing virtual exams by now. Nevertheless, let me remind you to approach these exams as you would any exam in a lecture hall: Prepare, and play fair!

In line with the most recent projections, we are confident and determined that in summer, our teaching will be on-site again, and the university will be able to open its doors once and forever. So, if you haven’t done so, look for a room for the summer term. Let us all hope that the waves of the pandemic will ebb until next winter. I, for one, really do hope that there will be no mention of Covid in any of the letters I, and my successor as dean next year, are going to write.

Good luck, stay safe, and see you soon in Munich,

Florian Englmaier, Professor for Organizational Economics & Head of Department