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Letter from the Dean

Only good news this time. Live-lectures, community and another LMU-vaccination campaign.


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

It has almost become a clichée to say that there are good news and bad news. Well, how’s this for a change: There are only good news!

This semester sees us finally going back to on-site teaching, with more than two thirds of all classes and seminars taking place in person, at the university! I realize that for some of you, who have joined us in the last one and a half years, this is a big first. The first time you attend a live lecture, or the first time you give one. I sincerely hope that you rejoice at this opportunity as much as I do. And maybe, in the not so far future, normality will finally feel like it again: Normal.

If there’s one lesson in this pandemic to be grateful for, it is to not to take our ordinary, day-to-day lives for granted, but to appreciate the fact that we are lucky to have an ordinary, safe, cotidian routine. I am sure that for all of us, including me, there will come the time when we again complain about commutes, full schedules, early mornings to get to classes, stuffed lecture halls, and all the other pre-pandemic hassles. Then, let us try to remember this moment, this feeling, and delight in the fact that we can come together as a community again!
Have a great winter semester 2021/22,


Florian Englmaier (Dean)

PS: Of course, remember to keep safe: Don’t go to uni if you feel sick, wear masks, handwash (Covid is not the only germ out there!), keep distance, and above all: Get vaccinated! There is another drop-in vaccination drive at LMU on October 20. For information, see: