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Cessation of Teaching


According to the instruction of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art, teaching will ceased immediately. 

We strongly advise you to keep all meetings to a minimum and to switch to telephone consultations wherever possible.

During personal meetings, the hygiene recommendations should be observed: Do not shake hands, keep at least 1 m distance to other people, turn away when you sneeze or cough and sneeze or cough only in the crook of your arm.

We would also like to remind you on the basic recommendations:

It is strongly recommended to follow the usual hygiene measures that also protect against an influenza infection:
• Avoid shaking hands and hugs
• Wash your hands regularly (at least 20 seconds) with soap and water.
• Cough or sneeze properly; turn away from others when coughing and sneezing, hold crook of your arm in front of mouth and nose
• Use handkerchiefs only once and dispose of them safely.
• Keep a distance of 1 to 2 meters from other persons, and in particular, avoid close contact with persons who have a respiratory infection.

Help to reduce the infection wave and follow the recommendations resp. stay at home whenever possible - you protect yourself and others!