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Kristina Czura receives research grant from LMUexcellent's Junior Researcher Fund


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Using alternative lending techniques, microfinance institutions offer access to credit by the provision of small loans and other financial services to an increasing number of poor borrowers that are usually excluded from the formal financial market. There are potential welfare gains by financing productive investments and offering possibilities to cope with adverse income shocks and to insure risks. The lacking rigorous evidence of positive welfare effects of microcredit is attributed to standardizing credit products and neglecting other financial products like savings and insurance.

The research project “Financial Services for the Poor” conducts research on financial products for the poor and seeks to answer how to adapt financial products to the needs of the poor and how to improve financial product designs to increase social welfare. The research grant from LMUexcellents’ Junior Researcher Fund is used to plan and set up field research projects in Bangladesh, Tunesia and the Philippines.

Further information can be found on Kristina Czura's webpage .