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Central Institutions

  • CIP-Laboratory

    In order to provide students with the hard- and software necessary for applied learning and research, the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration runs the CIP-Laboratory, which hosts a high-performance infrastructure. more

  • Bachelor Office

    Our Bachelor Office is the first port of call for undergraduate students. more

  • Data Center (EBDC)

    In cooperation between the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich and the ifo Institute for Economic Research, a shared data platform for empirical research was founded as a part of the LMUexcellent program. more

  • Experimental Laboratory (MELESSA)

    As a part of the LMUexcellent program, the Faculty of Economics lead the establishment of an interdisciplinary experimental laboratory. more

  • Graduate Master Office (M.Sc. in Economics and M.Sc. in Quantitative Economics)

    The Graduate Master Office centrally manages all the important areas of support of students in the Master's programs. more

  • Examination Office (ISC)

    All matters of examination of the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration are handled by the Examination Office (ISC). more

  • Language Center

    Recognizing English as the major scientific language in economics, the Faculty offers courses that help students improve their language skills - especially on economics-related topics. The Language Center also provides courses on French, Spanish, Italian and Russian, and new languages are added continously to the program. more

  • Libraries

    Apart from the Library for Economic Sciences, the Faculty hosts several subject-specific libraries.
    Furthermore, students and employees may use the University Library and the Bavarian State Library. more

  • LMU Mentoring

  • Women's Representative