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Further sources for research

There are a couple of other sources for research in addition to the library. We present you a short selection below.

EconDesk - Free economic information desk operated by the German Central Library for Economics (ZBW)

EconDesk provides condensed information such as selected statistics, definition of technical terms, addresses and country information. In addition EconDesk provides advice on how to search literature research and use libraries.

DICE - Service by the ifo Institute

DICE provides systematically organized information on institutions and economic regulations of the 27 member states of the EU and other important developed countries. In addition consequences of certain regulations are illustrated. Information is available in form of tables, graphs and reports.

WebEc - List of economic journals

Collection of economic journals, selection by field possible (not updated since 2007).

Selection of internet sources by the university of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim offers a broad selection of internet sources on its website.