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Chair of Economic History
Prof. Davide Cantoni, Ph.d.

Seminar for International Economics
Prof. Dr. Carsten Eckel

Seminar for Organizational Economics
Prof. Dr. Florian Englmaier

Chair of Public Economics
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Clemens Fuest

Seminar for Economic Policy
Prof. Dr. Andreas Haufler

Seminar for Macroeconomics
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Illing / Prof. Mirko Wiederholt

Chair of International Economics
Prof. Dr. Dalia Marin

Seminar for Economic Theory
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmidt

Seminar for Comparative Economics
Prof. Dr. Monika Schnitzer

Chair for Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics
Prof. Dr. Simeon Schudy (interim Professorship)

Seminar for International Trade and Innovation
Prof. Claudia Steinwender

Chair for Population Economics
Prof. Dr. Uwe Sunde

Seminar für Innovationsökonomik
Prof. Fabian Waldinger, Ph.d.

Chair of Empirical Economics
Prof. Dr. Joachim Winter

Further Professorships:

Seminar for Econometrics
Prof. Dr. Gebhard Flaig

Chair in Public Finance
Prof. Dr. Bernd Huber
(Deputy Professors: Prof. Dr. Christian Holzner and Prof. Dr. Timo Wollmershäuser)