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Junior Development Program

Junior Development Program for Junior Scientists of the Department of Economics

The Junior Development Program emphasizes individual professional development and provides guidance to talented junior researchers on all aspects of building a professional career (national or international). The mentees choose renowned and experienced LMU professors as mentors. The mentors function as role models, offering their mentees support in career planning and in creating their own academic profiles. The program combines structured mentoring with a multi‐leveled series of development workshops, seminars, and networking activities.

Furthermore, funding for research projects is available. Also funds of the LMU Mentoring Program will be used in this context.

Each Junior Faculty (henceforth Mentee) is assigned to two (Senior Faculty) Mentors of the Department of Economics: One scientific mentor from her/his field and one “general” mentor from outside her/his field. For female Mentees, one of the Mentors should be a woman.

The Mentors advise the Mentee in all matters pertaining to their academic career. The Mentee meets with her/his mentors on a regular basis, at least once per year, to report on her/his situation and to discuss the timetable, the work schedule, and development plans. The mentors agree to support the progress and success of Mentees, give subject-related advice, and assist the candidates in establishing an international network. Mentees and Mentors agree, by participating in the program, to document their relationship and assist the program in documenting and reporting and to participate in a possible program evaluation.

Upon entering the Program, formal Mentoring Agreements will be signed between the Mentee and her/his Mentors. These Mentoring Agreements will state the rights (e.g. access to courses, workshops and coaching elements) and obligations (e.g. structured contribution to the teaching curriculum) of the Junior Faculty. Moreover they contain detailed specified milestones (papers, courses, teaching, international exposure, research stays abroad, grant writing). Mentors support the Junior Faculty in achieving these milestones.


Target group:

The Program is designed for all Junior Faculty members of the Department of Economics and the ifo Institute working toward a professional career.


All Postdocs of the Department of Economics and the ifo Institute can apply by email. Please send us the link of your current CV (website) and the names of your desired scientific mentor and general mentor (in order to facilitate matching, give a ranked list of up to three options for each the scientific and the general mentor).


Prof. Dr. Florian Englmaier and Prof. Dr. Monika Schnitzer manage the Program.
For further information on the program as well as application procedures and requirements, please contact: