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30 ECTS Master Economics minor

General Information

Studying Economics as a Master minor amounts to acquiring 30 ECTS-Points. You can only start the minor in the winter term only. All courses offered in the Master Economics minor are part of the Master degree program Master of Science in Economics. You will have to take five courses yielding  6 ECTS-points each: Two compulsory courses, "Advanced Microeconomics" and "Advanced Macroeconomics" and one compulory optional course from each of the three main modules  "Economic Theory", "Applied Economic Analysis and Empirical Economics" and "Public Economics".

Admission requirements

A requirement for immatriculation in the Master Economics minor is the immatriculation in a master program that allows for Economics as a minor.

There is no admission test for the Master Economics minor at the current stage, i.e. there are no formal admission requirements that have to be fulfilled. However, you will require a substantial knowledge of Economics - in particular in the fields of microeconomics, macroeconomics, empirical economics and mathematical methods. We do not offer customized courses for minors in the master program. Students of the Master Economics minor take their courses along with the students of the major "Master of Science in Economics", who finished their Bachelor in Economics with a grade of "good" at least.  We recommend you not to select the minor if you do not have a sound background of economical knowledge. As all courses are held in English a solid level of language skill is required.

Study plan

1. semester (compulsory courses)

  •  Advanced Microeconomics (Lecture+Class) - 6 ECTS
  • Advanced Macroeconomics (Lecture+Class) - 6 ECTS

2. and 3. semester (compulsory optional courses)

  • Compulsory optional course from the field of "Economic Theory" - 6 ECTS
  • Compulsory optional course from the field of "Applied Economic Analysis and Empirical Economics" - 6 ECTS
  • Compulsory optional course from the field of "Public Economics" - 6 ECTS

Please note: The courses listed in the examination regulation are formal hulls, for the actual courses offered please refer to the LSF / Course Overviewor the homepage Master of Science in Economics (see Link at the bottom of the page).

Participation in the compulsory optional courses may require specified previous knowledge. In particular, courses from the field of "Applied Economic Analysis and Empirical Economics" may require substantial knowledge in empirical economics/econometrics. Please consult the lecturers websites on the requirements of the respective course.

Booking of courses

It is not necessary to book a course (lecture and tutorial) in advance.

Study planning / avoidance of overlaps

We can not guarantee absence of overlaps of courses from the Master Economics minor with courses from your respective major. If you can not follow the proposed study plane due to this you may in principal as well follow the courses in another order than the proposed one. However, this is not recommended, as the compulsory courses provide important foundations, that are presupposed in the compulsory optional courses.